Everything You Need to Know About CBD Microdosing

September 3, 2019 15:00:37

Read up on any health condition and chances are high that you will hear “CBD is good for that.” While there is a lot of consensus about the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), it is harder to determine what dosage of this product is appropriate for you since bodies differ. For this reason, experts recommend that you microdose until you establish what your correct dosage is. For a beginner, seeing the word “microdosing” may sound like Greek, so read on and learn how you can find your optimum dose.

Know Your CBD Product

The first cloud of confusion that you must clear from your head is what to make of the different measurements indicated on CBD product labels. Most CBD products in liquid form, such as tinctures, will have a milligram rating and a milliliter measurement. These two measurements refer to different things.

The milliliters refer to the quantity of the product contained within a given container. For example, 100ml means that the bottle you have bought contains a tenth of a liter of the CBD product.

In contrast, the number of milligrams refers to the concentration of the CBD within that liquid in the container. For example, one bottle of 100ml CBD oil could have 50mg of CBD while another bottle of 100ml may have 500mg of CBD.

If your recommended starting dosage is 10mg, then you may need about 10-12 drops from your 500mg CBD oil.

Start Your Self-Titration

Self-titration means that you determine what dose of CBD gives you the desired therapeutic effects. Many experts agree that beginners should start at a dosage of 10mg a day even if the recommended dosage for the condition one is suffering from is much higher than the 10mg.

The idea behind starting this small is to first establish that your body will not develop an adverse reaction to CBD. To this end, you can even go further and divide that 10mg daily dose into two or three intake sessions (three or four drops of a tincture taken three times for a total of 10mg).

Stay at this low dosage for about a week and keep a journal detailing how you feel, the dosage you are taking, any side effects and any other helpful information pertinent to your condition.

After the first week ends without an adverse incident, slowly increase your dosage while observing for any changes (positive or otherwise) in your body. Once you start getting the effects that you seek, take note of that dosage as your appropriate dosage but continue documenting your experience since you could develop tolerance and require higher doses to get the same benefits that you have been enjoying at a lower dosage.

Microdosing is very important because it helps people to identify the dosage that works for them and also keep their spending minimal since taking more than the minimal amount needed to trigger the desired effects is wasteful. For this reason, CBD experts are of the view that industry players like Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSX.V: RIV) (OTC: CNPOF) and ChineseInvestors.com Inc. (OTCQB: CIIX) could make apps and other tools more widely available so that the complexities of determining CBD dosage are eased.

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