420 with CNW – Can the Pechoti Method Apply to Weed as Well?

July 18, 2019 03:20:01

Pecho…what? If you are hearing about the Pechoti method for the first time, you aren’t alone, although this mode of administration of alternative remedies isn’t new. It entails putting drops of essential oils on the belly button as a way of treating different conditions, including PMS, nausea and pain. Now some people have been suggesting that one can ingest cannabis oil in this way. But is this even possible?

What the Pechoti Method Is

As mentioned earlier, the Pechoti method refers to an old Ayurveda treatment method in which essential oils are dropped onto the belly button to combat different conditions.

The Pechoti method derives its name from the Pechoti gland which is said to exist right behind the belly button. This gland remains in existence even if an infant’s umbilical cord is cut, and the gland remains throughout one’s life, according to the believers in this method of treatment.

The advocates of this method reason that once a human is formed in the womb, all the nutrition goes through the umbilical cord until the baby is born. They argue that if a baby could entirely depend on what is coming through the umbilical cord, why shouldn’t an adult continue using this vital part?

How It Works

Doctors who believe in this treatment method, like Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, say that approximately 72,000 veins pass through the umbilical cord and continue to all parts of the body. This means that any oil that is placed on the belly button is eventually absorbed and circulated throughout the body.

Dr. Jenkins adds that the gastrointestinal tract contains multiple cannabinoid receptors. The gut also plays a critical role in our immune system as well as the central nervous system. When cannabis oil is applied to the belly button, it navigates its way to the whole body through the veins that pass through the belly button.

Who Should Use this Method?

Proponents of the Pechoti method say that it works in the same way as suppositories since both are systemic (work on the whole body rather than the small part where they are applied). Since the cannabis oil administered in this way isn’t metabolized in the liver, a user cannot get high.

Consequently, kids and people who are so ill that they cannot smoke marijuana or ingest it orally can benefit from the Pechoti method.

People with endocrine system disorders, nervous system problems, gastrointestinal issues and those with neurological complaints are some of the people who can try using the Pechoti method to administer their cannabis oil treatment.

However, the effectiveness of the Pechoti method for using cannabis oil is subject to one condition; one must use organic oil from a trusted source so that the risk of impurities entering your bloodstream is avoided.

Analysts believe that the cannabis industry players like Green Growth Brands Inc. (CSE: GGB) (OTCQB: GGBXF) and Golden Developing Solutions Inc. (OTC: DVLP), must be amazed at how creative people have become in coming up with different ways to ingest cannabis.

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