Strategic HCP Partnerships Virtual Summit Networking Hub for Healthcare Professionals

October 27, 2020 11:24:15
  • Virtual event set for Wednesday, Nov. 18–Friday, Nov. 20, 2020
  • Forum for healthcare professionals, executives of healthcare organizations and service providers
  • Three virtual environments — exhibit hall, session areas and network rooms — offer optimal opportunity for engagement
  • Hosted by Lincoln Health Network

The Strategic HCP Partnerships Summit — a virtual event this year — is shaping up to be a networking hub for healthcare professionals, executives of healthcare organizations (HCO) and service providers. The three-day event, scheduled for Nov. 18–20, 2020, offers a platform that promises to foster engagement and provide a wealth of opportunity to build and expand valuable business networks.

The event, one of a series of leading healthcare forums hosted by the Lincoln Health Network (LHN), also gives key decision-makers a chance to be apprised of current developments in the sector. LHN events have earned praise for their role in catalyzing innovation in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology fields, as well as facilitating collaboration across the healthcare community.

In an attempt to stop or at least slow the further spread of the coronavirus, states and municipalities have instituted restrictions on social and business assemblies. While these controls may curtail some activities, they need not interrupt them. Given the current level of digital technologies, businesses still have an opportunity to engage with constituents, display and launch new products, and provide thought leadership.

To facilitate these aims, the Lincoln Health Network has created the Strategic HCP Partnerships Summit, a unique event that provides a platform to showcase the latest developments, share expertise and experiences, and initiate opportunities for cooperation and partnerships within the industry. Its virtual format will allow attendees freedom to move easily between its three environments — exhibit hall, session rooms and network rooms. The event promises to be a fast-moving experience, with sessions no longer than 30 minutes but designed to cover a lot of ground, as the conference’s agenda shows:


Medical Affairs in the Time of COVID-19
Mark Monane, Chief Medical Officer, Monane Group & Robert J. Waltzman, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Molecular Templates

Digital HCP Engagement Implementation and Optimization for Medical Affairs and MSL Teams
Sheila Komara PhD, RN, CNS, MSL-BC, Senior, Medical Science Liaison, Hepatology, Global Medical Affairs, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Ensure a Strategic People and Process Engagement Plan to Support Long-Lasting HCP Relationships through a Products Life Cycle
Angela Tom, Regional Medical Director, US, Orchard Therapeutics

Improve HCP Engagement through Fair Market Value and Visibility to Accurate Payments
Bill Friedrich, MBA, Associate Director, Compliant, Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Maintain a Compliance Relationship with HCPs throughout Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing
David Kustermans, Compliance Operations and HCP Engagement Manager, Healthcare Compliance, Philips

Develop a Strategic HCP Engagement Plan with Clear Objectives and Deliverables
Adele Dittrich, MBA, PMP, Director, HCP Engagement Operations, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Leveraging Stakeholder Partnerships to Overhaul Clinical KOL Operations
Christina Stahler, MBA, KOL Engagement, Corporate Marketing Communications, Illumina


Engaging Opinion Leaders in Live and Virtual Activities to Drive Clinical and Commercial Success
Lynne Nye, PhD, President, Medical Minds

HCP Engagement through Digital Communication, Before, and After Covid
Olga Bakashina, EMEA HCP Digital Marketing Community Lead, Bayer

Roche Brazil Case Study: Impact on the Healthcare EcoSystem
Ricardo Bezerra Requiao, Manager for HCP Solutions (GHCP), Specialty Care – Brazil, Roche

The New World for Field-Based Medical Science Liaisons
Colleen Baird, Director of Medical Affairs, Abbott Vascular

HCP Engagement through Medical Education
Michelle Ouellette, MSN, FNP, Sr. Medical Science Liaison, Medical Affairs, HERON Therapeutics

Supporting Patients through a Value Add to HCPs
Michelle L. Cosgrove, Associate Director, US Advocacy and Alliance, Oncology, US Corporate Affairs, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

Panel Discussion: Utilize Tools and Strategies to Ensure Ongoing Engagement
Benjamin Briggs MD, PhD, Associate Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs, IDbyDNA & Kyle Shannon, Co-Founder and CEO, Storyvine


How to engage HCPs in a virtual world: Lessons we learnt in 2020
Pierre Metrailler, CEO, SpotMe

Staying Dynamic in a Virtual Environment
Christopher Alfieri, Thought Leader Liaison, EMD Serono

Creating a Cross-Function Approach for Compliant Virtual HCP Engagement through Sales, Marketing, Legal and Medical Teams
Bill Friedrich, MBA, Associate Director, Compliance, Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Measure the Value in HCP Interactions
Partha Anbil, MDD and Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Johnson & Johnson Innovations Team, IBM Healthcare & Life Science

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