420 with CNW – 3 Things We Get Wrong When We Look at Cannabis as We Do Alcohol

May 3, 2019 15:20:08

As more states move to legalize cannabis in the U.S., there is a tendency to think about marijuana in the same light as alcohol, and this sets up people to make a number of mistakes. Below are three things that you are likely to get wrong when you look at cannabis through the same lens as you think about alcohol.

Expecting Quick Results from Consuming Marijuana Edibles

When you take alcohol, it is fairly easy to know when you are approaching your limit and are now crossing into the realm of intoxication.

When some people consume cannabis edibles for the first time, they make the mistake of thinking that the products will produce immediate effects in a way that is similar to the timeline within which alcohol produces its effects.

What you may not know is that while alcohol can be absorbed by the stomach lining, cannabis edibles have to be digested and absorbed in the small intestine before you can notice the effects of the edible.

Consequently, it is possible to consume more than is needed to generate the effects that you want just because what you ate took long to kick in.

Expecting THC Concentration to Match Intoxication Levels

For decades, scientific data has existed showing that when someone’s blood alcohol level exceeds a certain concentration, then that person will be impaired. For this reason, courts have always upheld the charges against those found to be driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Many law enforcement agencies are taking the same view when determining driving while under the influence of marijuana. What these agencies don’t seem to appreciate is the fact that marijuana acts differently from alcohol.

It is therefore not possible for one to claim that someone was under the influence just because their blood had more THC than is stipulated as the legal limit.

Prosecutors are therefore likely to face a hard time from defense attorneys who bring into question the science behind the THC limits upon which intoxication is presumed.

Expecting Marijuana to Have the Same Effect

The effects of alcohol are fairly uniform across the different types. For example, someone who takes a certain number of glasses of wine is expected to be affected in a certain way. Similarly, one can predict how a given number of pints of beer will affect an individual.

However, the same cannot be said of cannabis due to the varying combinations and concentration of the components available in a given plant or strain. For example, the terpenes that give cannabis strains their flavor and taste can influence the effect of consuming that cannabis.

It is therefore erroneous to make generalizations about the effects of cannabis because it is hard to predict how the different cannabis products will react once consumed.

Phivida Holdings Inc. (CSE: VIDA) (OTCQX: PHVAF) and Net Element Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE) call for cannabis to be studied thoroughly so that the plant isn’t judged based on misconceptions borrowed from what is known about other substances.

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