Knowledge as a Service, Inc. Acquires Two Fortune 50 companies as Customers for Mobile Behavior Change Software Ringorang(R)

August 4, 2020 10:53:53

Knowledge as a Service, Inc. (“KaaS”), provider of mobile workforce training software Ringorang(R), recently added two companies from the Fortune 50 as customers. In both the telecom and software/technology industry respectively, these two companies signed with KaaS due to their need for a software solution to effect measurable change in their organizations.

Ringorang was created in 2010 to provide a system for changing human behavior. Co-creators Robert Feeney and B. Wayne Barkley spent years in clinical trials with the U.S. Government and tested the app extensively with several Fortune 50 companies. The system is now fully commercialized and has received three patents for its proven ability to drive behavior change. The Ringorang solution is now a robust, enterprise-focused mobile app with desktop admin interface, designed to deliver complex training during the flow of work without taking time away for employees to sit in a classroom or click through an online course.

Co-founder Robert Feeney states: “There’s an entire transformation happening in the training industry, specifically large enterprise companies who have significant issues they have to deal with: compliance, dealing with a distributed workforce, and most especially, re-skilling and up-skilling. Companies are trying to figure out how to do that at scale, and it’s hugely expensive for them to pull people off the line, re-skill them, and put them back. We have a microlearning product that has been proven out, clinically tested, that keeps the workforce on the job.”

CEO Rudiger Wolf states: “Training organizations have historically had few options to vary how their workforce is trained: classrooms, web-based, emails, posters, or daily huddles were what they had to choose from. All are either expensive, ineffective at producing behavior change, or both. Today’s successful leaders need their employees to gain new skills and knowledge, and apply those on the job, with those adjustments needing to happen quickly. Changes to products or services, new regulations, revised procedures occur every day. Those are the challenges we address, and can help leaders address on a daily basis, ensuring that the workforce gets the message and continuously improves.”

About Knowledge as a Service, Inc.

Founded in 2019, KaaS’ mission is to support companies making the shift from ineffective corporate training methods to measurable behavior modification, in real time, to sustainably improve performance and drive shareholder value by aligning business outcomes with employee development and incremental improvement. KaaS has worked with customers such as NV Energy, Penn Medical, Verizon, Puget Sound Energy, and VEIC (Verizon Energy Investment Corporation). The goal of KaaS is to empower large enterprises with technology, so they can benefit from measurable behavior change throughout their organization.


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