Why Psychedelic Dosage Matters

July 21, 2020 09:05:47

Finding the right dosage is a major challenge, not just with psychedelics, but any other drug. Some people try microdosing and fail to get any results. Others overdose and get bad trips. It really is a question of trial and error, but a wrong dose is the cause of many psychedelic-related problems.

Considering people are different, the effects of the dose will not be the same from one person to another. It doesn’t matter whether you are microdosing or taking very high doses, the effect and how well the drug functions varies. That’s why finding the correct psychedelic dosage matters.

Even if a substance is labelled as being a good remedy, it becomes poisonous to the body if taken incorrectly. This is to say dosage is a key factor in altering a drug’s effects. Take this as an example, imagine a person taking a shot of vodka while another takes a whole bottle of vodka. The impact will be different and they will have different experiences even though they both took vodka. The difference is in quantity. This same mechanism applies in psychedelic dosing.

Non-toxic substances, such as LSD and psilocybin, can still have negative effects on a patient’s wellbeing. If taken in abundance, it can cause ‘poisonous’ experiences.

Though set and setting are situations that may result in a bad trip, dosage is the key factor. Most studies show that taking psychedelic treatments in a noisy place, and surrounded by people can result in bad trips. What if an individual was in a different safe and quiet environment but instead took a high dosage? Will they not have a bad trip?

A Boston psychonaut, the late Kilindi Iyi, supported this notion when he stated that set and setting doesn’t matter whatsoever in situations where a patient takes high doses of magic mushrooms. This means that dosage is a vital factor in psychedelic sessions.

Before taking matters in your own hands and exploring substances, read below some practical tips.

  • Use scales
    Instead of using your naked eyes to judge how much of a substance you should take, consider getting a scale to carefully weigh the amount
  • Get the right doses for both intranasal and oral doses
    The dosage may be different depending on the route of administration, so keep that in mind while deciding how much to consume
  • Increase the dose gradually
    Don’t bombard your body with a high dose as this can have unwanted effects. Start small, then increase gradually
  • Utilize boosters
    After the first dose, add a second one to boost its effect as the substance slowly builds up in your system
  • Keep a drug journal
    Get personalized data by keeping track and logging your ingestions while taking notes of the effects

Understandably, not everyone is designed to be meticulous and adhere to all the suggestions above, and that could explain why psychedelics companies like Eleusis Ltd. insist that these substances should only be administered in a clinical setting where professionals can supervise the entire process.

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